Scriven Consulting -  Helping YOU deliver outstanding first class citizen focused public services

About Scriven Consulting.

We work with Public Servants and Political Leaders in the U.K and Far East including Malaysia,China and Thailand.

We support you by offering a unique way of transforming the way public sector decision makers think and act in the development of the services provided to citizens.

Our Managing Partner, Paul Scriven has an outstanding background in public sector policy and how services are delivered and run. Paul is both a former City Leader (Mayor) and senior public sector manager in the UK. With his background and experience we are able to mould both policy and operational issues into exceptional and workable solutions for your area and your citizens

Services we can Support you with.

We work with YOU all the way. We start from the premise that your area and issues are unique. We find the right solutions for YOU, YOUR City and YOUR citizens.

Areas of expertise we can support you transform the way you operate  are:

  • Provide outstanding citizen focused services.
  • Support Culture Change and new approaches to Front Line Service delivery.
  • Improve Citizen Participation and Empowerment.
  • Boost your Local Economy.
  • Implement"Choose & Use" Personal services.
  • Develop Cost Improvement Programmes

  • Maximise your Tourism Potential.
  • High Impact City Branding & Destination Marketing.

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We have worked in a number of UK Councils and also Cities and National institutions in Far East Countries including China, Malaysia and Thailand. Supporting and developing Services to individual citizens , National Tourism Boards, Local Government Bodies, Civil Servant Colleges and National Government Officals.

Our reputation over the last few years has grown around innovative ways of developing solutions to local areas problems. Helping to support local authorities and other public services get things right first time for their citizens. Making sure that a "one size fits all" approach is a thing of the past and developing smart and personalised services for communities and customers.

We have also helped to market Cities and Tourist offers into the West that has ensured the area's we have worked with maximise potential.

Working with leaders in Cities we have been able to support development of better Green and Liveable City policies and practicies. This has lead to great results in leading to outstanding areas for people to live, work, invest, visit and study in.

The approach we adopt and support you through leads to more personal and customer focused public services that has benefited many citizens and policy makers in the UK and Far East.