Think Different....Act Different

Discussing the Numbers

We work with you to ensure your leadership is focused on OUTCOMES and asking the right questions on the issues that will improve the lives of the people you serve.


Scriven Consulting uses our extensive knowledge and expertise to get Government staff to really understand and act on citizen outcomes.


We work with you to develop successful networks across Government and communities to deliver and purchase smart and innovative outcome driven services.


This needs to be your way of working because as public issues become increasingly more complex and multi-dimensional, governments will have to adopt different ways of thinking, purchasing and delivering services as a matter of necessity,

You need an approach which allows your staff to tap into diverse knowledge, viewpoints and ideas from across the public, private and community sectors.


Enabling people from different agencies coming together to deal with the real issues and be citizen outcome driven. Thus delivering services to citizens in more synergistic ways.

We will challenge you to think different and act different in policy making, the planning and delivery of public services.